PRP for “ME”

Platelet-rich plasm (PRP) therapy

Regenerative medicine therapies have been around for over a decade. Currently, studies are under way evaluating exosomes and their potential benefit regarding the “cytokine storm” patients are experiencing during the later stages of COVID-19 infections (1). Platelet-rich plasm (PRP) therapy is an exciting, cutting edge treatment for many acute/chronic orthopedic […]

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Welcome Daisy

Welcome to Daisy! A new approach to health and wellness. The Daisy Effect is an uplifting blog, incorporating holistic, integrative and allopathic treatments which foster personal growth, spirituality, mental and physical well-being. Take a “walk” . Explore and experience interesting topics that can have a positive effect on your daily […]

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Medicinal Herbs

A significant portion of alternative medicine practices today focuses on an individual’s desire to maintain proper body biochemical balance. Herbal remedies, diet, and nutritional supplements are used by many individuals seeking nontraditional modalities to maintain homeostasis (1). The medicinal use of herbs, plants, and plant products, referred to as herbal […]

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Acupuncture is a popular form of alternative health care. It is an ancient eastern therapeutic technique based on the the belief that health is determined by a balanced flow of vital energy termed Qi (pronounced “chee”) (1). According to the principles of traditional Chinese Medicine, the workings of the human […]

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Aromatherapy is a unique brand of mind/body medicine that essentially uses oils extracted from plants for treatment and prevention of disease (1). Aromatherapy is said to be a holistic therapy in that aromatherapists select an essential oil or combination to suit each individual’s symptoms and personality (2). Each essential oil […]

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