Anti-Aging Treatments and Wellness

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Anti-Aging Treatments

Anti-aging treatments relieve the symptoms and slow the progression of disorders and ailments that approach with age.

As we age, our body slows down the production of important cells that are vital for our health and well being. Treatments such as platelet rich plasma, stem cells, exosomes, supplements and acupuncture can maintain health and allow the body to regenerate aging or deficient cells. If you’ve noticed changes in your health and appearance, Daisy Stem Cell Therapy can offer a variety of ways to put the spring back in your step. Regenerative treatments can treat everything from hair loss to urinary tract infections by combining traditional homeopathic medicine with state-of-the-art medical developments, and the healing power of your own body.

Dr. Haasis is the founder and director of Daisy Stem Cell Therapy, and is here to help you ensure that the years to come are the best yet.

With 6 locations in the Carolinas, there’s sure to be a convenient location for you. Don’t let the signs and symptoms of aging hold you back. Contact Daisy Stem Cell Therapy to get started on feeling your best. Call (864) 775-5682. You’ve got a lot of livin’ to do!

Regenerative Medicine Treatments in the Carolinas

Unfortunately, with age and time, the number of viable stem cells in our body declines. This causes a reduction in immune system strength and greater susceptibility to injuries and illness.

The following regenerative medicine therapies can diminish the effects of aging.

Exosomes for Anti-Aging

Exosomes for Anti-Aging

Exosomes are extracellular, which means they do not contain nuclei or DNA. Exosomes facilitate the flow of communication between cells, allowing the cells to coordinate their abilities to heal and grow properly. They are essential tools for regeneration: they stimulate cell proliferation, promote neural activity, deliver signals to the immune system, and recruit and reprogram cells.(1) Exosomes also transfer valuable proteins and lipids between cells. Dr. Haasis sources this powerful regenerative treatment from Organicell, a biopharmaceutical company that harvests exosomes from diligently screened donors according to the guidelines of the FDA.

Anti-Aging Treatment via Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP stimulates growth in the areas to which it’s introduced. Some studies indicate that platelets have anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and antibiotic effects

PRP’s healing potential includes:

  • Wound treatment
  • Soft tissue injuries 
  • Periodontal and oral surgery 
  • Maxillofacial surgery 
  • Orthopedic and trauma surgery 
  • Spinal surgery 
  • Heart bypass surgery 
  • Burns 
  • Cosmetic and plastic surgery
  • Gastrointestinal treatments (2)

Perhaps the most exciting thing about PRP is that you already have it! A simple blood draw and a spin through a centrifuge isolates this powerful ingredient from your blood. It can be injected to stimulate growth anywhere needed, without the risk of a reaction

Stem Cells Can Stop Symptoms of Aging

Every cell in your body came from a stem cell. These cells have the ability to replicate and differentiate into multiple tissue types. Stem cells can be isolated in healthy adult donors and used to promote healing in damaged tissues. Dr. Haasis uses Allograft stem cells, which come from thoroughly screened, consenting donors. When these stem cells are introduced into a patient’s body, they address damaged areas and become the specific replacement cell needed for healing.

Herbal Anti-Aging Supplements

Daisy also carries its own line of herbal supplements. Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries to aid wellness and treat disease. For those that want a natural approach to anti-aging, Dr. Haasis can design a personalized regimen of herbal capsules that address your body and concerns.

Healing and Regenerative Medical Acupuncture

Today, Medical acupuncture combines modern understandings of the body with ancient Chinese beliefs about energy and circulation. Thin, tiny needles are inserted into precise points on the body. This stimulates the nervous system, which then releases active chemicals, hormones, and neurotransmitters. This also includes vasoactive peptides, which are crucial in regulating vascular health.

Acupuncture can be an effective way to trigger the body to re-balance digestion, energy metabolism, mental clarity, improve circulation, and treat pain.

In addition, medical acupuncture can treat:

  • Digestive disorders: gastritis, spastic colon, IBS, constipation, diarrhea
  • Neurological disorders: headaches, and symptoms resulting from stroke, CRPS, MS, Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy 
  • Musculoskeletal disorders and joint pain caused by carpal tunnel, RA, and osteoarthritis

Aging Skin

Our skin endures daily assaults. Sun damage, pollution, our diets, the elements take their toll over the years. Furthermore, as we age, the stores of fat that gave us plump cheeks and full lips degenerate. We produce less collagen and elastin, which is what allows lines, wrinkles, and skin laxity to manifest.

Regenerative medicine offers exciting solutions for the signs of aging that use your body’s own resources to produce fresher, smoother, tighter skin.

  • Exosomes allow proteins like collagen to “talk among themselves” to multiply and restructure aging skin. replenishing one’s youthful appearance in the process. 
  • Stem cells are the building blocks of your skin. They can replace damaged and diseased cells that are incapable of reproducing. Our stem cell serums at Daisy Institute employ the potency of your vital stem cells to help renew your skin’s appearance.
  • PRP facials are all rage. The growth factors in PRP stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. This can improve skin’s tightness, lessen wrinkles and scarring. Scientific studies have shown that even a single PRP intradermal injection is capable of rejuvenating the face and producing a significant correction of wrinkles.(3)

Hair Loss

  • Exosomes introduced to the scalp can stimulate hair re-growth. The follicles that produce hair can be jolted into action by prudent applications of exosomes, resulting in gradual growth. 
  • PRP is injected into the scalp using a small, thin needle. This mixture is like a shot of espresso for tired and aging hair follicles! You may notice hair growth in as little as three months, but it may take 6-12 months to see a significant difference.

Joint Pain

Regenerative medicine has exciting potential to alleviate the tired, achy joints that start to “speak up” as we age. Just as the collagen in our face decreases over time, so does the collagen that cushions our joints. Similarly, weak and strained muscles and tendons can make movement painful. 

  • A lack of stem cells can make it harder to heal from injuries. Stem cells can sweep into a compromised area, and transform into the necessary cells to begin recovery.
  • Introducing exosomes can begin the healing process to repair damaged tissue. PRP stimulates the production of collagen, which can ease pain associated with arthritis.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

These devastating conditions cause problems with organization, attention, cognition, and problem solving, and most of all, memory.

  • Stem cell therapy aims to restore degenerating neurons and cognitive function. Therapeutic restoration may occur through stem cells activity, which repopulates degenerate neuronal circuits. Restoring cells in the nervous system can slow the progress of this disease. (4)
  • These powerful particles may slow the progression of neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory diseases. They also have an effect on the regeneration and remodeling of the nervous system. They offer long-range communication within the central nervous system. By inhibiting their release from diseased cells and by manipulating them to carry growth factors, exosomes can act as therapeutic agents.(1)

Anti-Aging Herbal Supplements

Anti-Aging Herbal Supplements

Daisy offers a wide range of therapeutic herbal supplements that can improve the symptoms that arise as we age.

The benefits extend to all of the body’s systems. For example, astragalus has been used for centuries and is still valued for its anti-aging effects and ability to bolster immune health and longevity.

Natural Supplements for Urinary Health

  • Damiana leaf
  • Alfalfa Leaf 
  • Dandelion Root

Herbal Solutions for Digestion and Constipation

  • Dandelion Root
  • Bilberry Leaf
  • Cayenne Pepper

Heart and Vascular Health Supplements

  • Devil’s Claw Root

Natural Blood Pressure Control

  • Valerian Root
  • Garlic Root
  • Ginger

Herbal Anti Inflammatories

  • St. John’s Wort
  • Turmeric
  • Devil’s Claw Root
  • Ashwagandha

Male Sexual Health Herbs

  • Saw Palmetto Berry
  • Damiana Leaf

Candidates for Regenerative Medicine Consultations

Regenerative Medicine Anti-Aging

Our ideal candidate is experiencing the effects of aging, and is excited to try innovative treatments to restore vitality. Old dogs can learn new tricks! Regenerative and integrative anti-aging treatments allow you to control the course of your life, by putting your own body’s resources in the driver’s seat. Dr. Haasis focuses on the power of the body to heal itself, rather than toxic prescriptions and invasive surgical methods. Schedule your appointment at Asheville in North Carolina, or Spartanburg, Anderson, Greenville, or Columbia in South Carolina. 

When you arrive for your consultation, be prepared to share your medical history and future goals, and learn more about integrative and regenerative medicine. 

Dr. Haasis strives to impart his expertise and dedication to every patient who visits his office. You can discover more about his practice by reading his blog: The Daisy Effect.


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