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P-Shot South Carolina

The P-Shot, also known as the Priapus Shot, uses platelet-rich plasma to improve male sexual function. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has become a popular regenerative therapy. It is commonly used in hair restoration, cosmetic facials, orthopedic medicine, and cardiovascular applications.(1)

For men that are troubled by erectile dysfunction, PRP offers an alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals and cumbersome devices, which until now were the only viable options for many. PRP promotes healing from the inside out by using your body’s own regenerative abilities. 

At Daisy Stem Cell Therapy and Advanced Regenerative Medicine Center, Dr. Haasis offers patients groundbreaking treatments. His integrative approach to regenerative medicine sets his medical centers apart and makes them a valuable resource for those seeking alternative medical approaches. To learn more about what this exciting field of medicine can do for you, schedule an appointment by calling (864) 775-5682. We can locations in both of the Carolinas, including Greenville, SC; Spartanburg, SC; Columbia, SC; Anderson, SC; and Asheville, NC.

About Platelet-Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma has been in use since the 1980s. It’s theorized that PRP regenerates tissues because this isolated plasma has immense concentrations of platelets, which introduce large amounts of growth factors to tissue needing repair. (1) 

Normally, platelets assist with the clotting process after an injury. Their oblong shape makes them perfect for forming the cohesive mesh that closes wounds and stops blood loss.

What makes platelets invaluable is their ability to communicate with one another on a cellular level. They can organize to target wounds and damaged tissue wherever they are needed. When a patient’s blood is processed and the PRP is isolated, it can then be introduced to the area needing therapy. (2) This makes PRP a versatile treatment that has potential for many areas of the body. 

About Male Sexual Function

erectile dysfunction treatment south carolina

Unfortunately for American men (and their partners), Erectile Dysfunction is on the rise. There is an increasing number of health and emotional factors that can leave men falling short, whether they desire stronger or longer-lasting erections.

 The American Urological Association characterizes ED as the inability to produce an erection sufficient for successful sexual intercourse. It estimates that upwards of 30 million men in the US suffer from this frustrating condition. 

And, there’s certainly no shortage of ED treatments on the market today. But if fumbling with devices or popping pills has proven unsatisfactory in improving your performance, you’re not alone. Advances in regenerative medicine have made the P-Shot a viable new therapy for enhancing your romantic activity.  

Understanding Your Anatomy

The male sexual organ is a fascinating and complex system of arteries, muscles, and sinusoid cavities. These and other features must work together successfully to produce an erection. Upon arousal, the smooth muscle in each of the corpora cavernosa relaxes, allowing them to fill with blood. These two cavities on each side of the penis have the capacity for significant expansion, which accounts for growth and rigidity. Once enlarged, the exiting blood vessels in the penis are compressed, and the influx of blood becomes trapped, maintaining the erection. 

But there’s much more to it than that. In order for each of these mechanisms to succeed, a complex neurochemical balance must be achieved. Neurotransmitters stimulate the generation and conversion of several important chemicals, including nitric oxide, to cause smooth muscle relaxation and increased blood flow.

How Does the P-Shot Work?

The P-Shot gets its name from Priapus, the well-endowed and generously tumescent ancient Greek god of fertility! (3)

In studies of the effects of PRP on erectile dysfunction, it’s proposed that the growth factors that PRP delivers to the area allow for an increase in nitric oxide and the chemical conversions necessary for muscle relaxation and sufficient blood flow for an erection.

This is thought to be especially beneficial for men who have suffered nerve damage in the corpora cavernosa as a result of urethral injury or prostate surgery, and are otherwise unable to produce the nitric oxide necessary and for supporting the health of the muscles and other tissue needed to achieve an erection. (1) In PRP applications in other parts of the body, these growth hormones are also thought to stimulate vascularization, that is, the development of new, healthy blood vessels, which theoretically would also improve the quality of an erection. 


The P-Shot is used to help men improve overall sexual function, and can address the following conditions:

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Lichen sclerosus
  • Peyronie’s disease

The P-Shot can also offer overall enhancement:

  • Improved strength of erections
  • Increased length and girth
  • Sexual performance and orgasm

Other treatments for trouble in the bedroom can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Although medications for ED are widely prescribed, they simply don’t work for everyone. Many men are dismayed by the side effects, while others want a way to be more spontaneous. The P-Shot can treat the cause of ED, rather than just the symptom, and lets you get down to business without having to watch the clock.

Personal Consultation

When you arrive at Daisy Stem Cell Therapy and Advanced Regenerative Medicine Center, you’ll enjoy a welcoming but discreet environment that caters to your needs with groundbreaking science. You’ll have a frank and compassionate conversation with Dr. Haasis, and the opportunity to express all of your concerns, man-to-man. He’ll review your medical history and may order some testing. Patient health and safety come first. He’ll ensure that your sexual concerns aren’t caused by another underlying condition. If the P-Shot is a viable option for you, he’ll review the procedure in detail so that you know exactly what to expect.


erectile dysfunction south carolina

You’ll be given detailed instructions on exactly what to expect when getting the P-Shot during your personal consultation. Because this procedure involves a blood draw, make sure that you are well hydrated. Avoid skipping the meal before your appointment to eliminate the risk of becoming lightheaded. While only a small amount of blood is drawn, some patients have a vasovagal reaction due to the sight of blood and the location of the injections. Should this occur, you’ll be in good hands and feeling better before you know it. 


The P-Shot procedure takes about an hour. A topical numbing cream or other local anesthetics are applied to the penis to eliminate any discomfort during the injections. While it takes effect, a blood draw is performed. The patient’s blood is then processed in a centrifuge to isolate the PRP, which is then prepared for injection. Once sensation is numbed in the area, Dr. Haasis will place strategically located injections along the shaft on each side of the penis. This is to allow the PRP to take effect inside the corpora cavernosa, and regenerate the tissue essential for successful erections. Immediately afterward, you’ll be given a vacuum erectile device (penis pump) to stretch the penile tissue and allow the PRP to permeate. We’ll be able to offer assistance and guide you through this process if needed. 

Recovery and Results

After your treatment is complete, you’ll be able to drive yourself home and continue your day. You can have sex within four hours of the procedure, but as you’ll have healing injection sites, you should practice safe sex if you’re unsure of your partner’s sexual history to avoid contracting a sexually transmitted infection. As with any injection, you may experience redness and swelling. Because of the tender location of these injections, mild bruising is not uncommon.

The P-Shot is a relatively quick procedure, but in the weeks following your injection, you will need to use your penis pump twice daily to encourage blood flow to the area. You’ll be given detailed instructions. 

Over the next several weeks, the PRP will be taking effect in the tissue. Most men report improvements in 8-12 weeks. Better blood flow and regenerated tissue will allow you to finally enjoy improved size and function, and your partner will too! To learn more about the benefits of the other regenerative medicine services that Dr. Haasis offers, follow his blog: The Daisy Effect.

How Much Does the P-Shot Cost in the Carolinas?

If you’re interested in how the P-Shot can improve your performance, confidence, and relationships, schedule an appointment at Daisy Stem Cell Therapy. We’ll review the costs and treatment options during your consultation so that you can decide if the P-Shot is right for you.


What does the P-Shot do?

The P-Shot, or Priapus Shot, uses platelet-rich plasma taken from the patient’s blood. The platelet-rich plasma is then injected into the corpora cavernosa of the penis to regenerate the tissue and improve sexual function.

Is the P-Shot painful?

Topical numbing cream is applied to the penis. Additionally, a nerve block can be performed. That way, there is absolutely no pain when the injections are administered. 


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