Cosmetic Stem Cell Therapy

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Let Your Inner Beauty Blossom 

Stem cell therapy for aesthetic enhancement is how we harness the incredible power of your body’s regenerative potential to revive the vivacity of your youth. The cumulative effects of age will fade as they are washed away by soothing waves of healing energy. Let your inner beauty blossom at Daisy Institute!  

You’ll look fresh as a daisy thanks to the cutting edge techniques of Dr. Haasis. He serves South Carolina with the latest breakthroughs in stem cell science to help you look and feel your best. Contact us to begin a conversation that will lead to a more fulfilled and youthful you.

About Cosmetic Stem Cell Therapy

A topical application of stem cells can breathe new life into aging skin. Stem cells have the amazing ability to become any kind of cell in the body. Unlike the differentiated cells that make up specific tissues and perform specialized functions, stem cells have a nearly unlimited lifespan. They can divide innumerable times to create more stem cells or transform to become any sort of cell that your body requires.[1] This makes them quite unique as differentiated cells may only multiply a prescribed number of times before they begin to break down. Much of aging is actually caused by the cumulative effects of dying and damaged differentiated cells over the years. 

Your skin will glow once more because stem cells can help replenish and replace old, worn skin cells that have lost their luster.  

Scientists are excited by the potential of stem cells to fight illness and regenerate damaged tissue. They are the “seeds of life” that helped you to develop inside the womb. Stem cell therapy can help you to recapture your youthful essence by leveraging your body’s regenerative energies. 


Differentiated cells do not have the ability to multiply indefinitely. Once a stem cell specializes and becomes part of a specific tissue, it loses its capacity to transform and regenerate. We experience the effects of expired cells as the all-too-familiar aging process. But stem cells hold the key to repair the ravages wrought by the years.   

Stem cell therapy will restore your youthful brilliance. Your skin will rebound from age-related damage when Dr. Haasis employs your own stem cells for aesthetic enhancement. 

Qualified Candidates

Our ideal candidate is an otherwise healthy individual who is experiencing the cosmetic decline that often comes with age. They are excited to try a cutting edge treatment on the frontiers of medical science to recapture the vitality of their younger years. Their long experience has taught them to approach new solutions to age-old problems with an open mind. Qualified candidates come to Daisy Institute in search of broad new vistas of discovery. 

Your Personal Consultation at Daisy Institute

Dr. Haasis founded Daisy Institute to bring his vast knowledge and experience to his community in Greenville, South Carolina. His varied interests in medical alternatives to the monolithic status quo have made him a trailblazer in his profession and a trusted advisor to his patients. A career that started in anesthesiology eventually evolved into an incredible expertise in acupuncture. His approach integrates hard science with ancient wisdom to explore and expand his knowledge base for the benefit of his patients.

At your personal consultation, Dr. Haasis will learn your medical history while he listens to your aesthetic aspirations. He wants to help you achieve your cosmetic goals by harnessing the power that already exists within you. Contact us to begin a process that will take years off your appearance.

Stem Cells for the Skin

Non-embryonic stem cell extracts can help reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. The effects of aging are not inevitable. They are the result of cumulative cellular damage that can accrue as your skin loses its resilience to the constant strain of time.[2] 

skin stem cells

Stem cells are the building blocks of your skin. They have a unique ability to replace damaged and diseased cells. Our stem cell serums at Daisy Institute employ the potency of your vital stem cells to help renew your skin’s appearance.

Can Stem Cells Make You Look Younger? 

Stem cell therapy is a next-generation alternative to superficial anti-aging treatments like dermal fillers and nerve-deadening Botox. These treatments only affect the appearances of age and do nothing to revive and refresh your natural living essence. Stem cell therapy is different because it actually treats the aging process, not just its outward aspects.  

Stem Cell Therapy for Sexual Rejuvenation

Youth is more than how you look. Youth is a fire in your belly and a joie de vivre that fills you with energy and propels you through life’s most unforgettable experiences. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, stem cell therapy can reignite your sexual fervor and repair dysfunction so that you can live your life to its fullest once more.[3]  

Both men and women can benefit from stem cell therapy for sexual rejuvenation. Often, Dr. Haasis will also include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to your individualized serum to enhance sexual sensitivity, pleasure and stamina!  

Stem Cells for Vaginal Rejuvenation

The years can certainly have a negative effect on tender tissues. The strain of life experiences and cellular damage can contribute to an increase in vaginal laxity and a decrease in sensitivity. In stem cell therapy for feminine rejuvenation, your sexual serum is injected into the vaginal area to enhance skin texture and tone. Stem cells will renew the dermis and enrich the tissues in your most intimate area. 

Stem Cells for Male Virility

Male virility may become more elusive with age. Even if your spirit is willing, your aging flesh may fail you. Your years may contribute to a loss in both rigidity and duration. Help is on the way, gentlemen. Upsidaisy! New clinical trial results show that stem cells can restore sufficient erectile function to allow previously impotent men to have spontaneous sexual intercourse. 


Anti-aging stem cell therapy is an easy outpatient procedure that can change your whole outlook on life with no post-procedural downtime. We use adult stem cells, harvested from your own body, to mix a bespoke cocktail that is formulated to meet your needs and fulfill your desires. Your personalized serum may also include PRP to enhance the outcomes of the procedure.   

In sum, stem cell therapy only takes a few hours at Daisy Institute. 

After we provide you with your aftercare instructions, you are free to return home and resume normal activities. Your discomfort will be minimal and mostly localized at the injection site. You may treat any soreness with ice and over-the-counter pain medication. 

Revitalizing Results

Stem cell therapy will return your skin’s youthful luster. Your personalized cocktail of stem cells, PRP and other rejuvenating nutrients will encourage collagen production to restore elasticity and eliminate lines and wrinkles in the face. Your revivifying results will last up to two years.

How Much Does Cosmetic Stem Cell Therapy Cost in South Carolina?

Your youth is your greatest asset. Your efforts to maintain your youthful vigor is an investment in your quality of life and holistic well being. Dr. Haasis is the proud founder of Daisy Institute. It is his practice’s mission to encourage your inner beauty to shine through with the regenerative power of integrative medicine. Stem cells’ natural healing abilities have a variety of applications throughout your body. Stem cell therapy can even address cosmetic concerns using anti-aging serum made from your body’s own potent properties. At your personal consultation, Dr. Haasis will discuss the range and depth of your course of treament. He will provide you with an accurate cost estimate at this time. 

Contact us to learn more. Begin your transformation at the Daisy Institute.

You’ll Look Fresh as a Daisy

Let your inner beauty blossom with an anti-aging treatment that does more than address the mere appearance of age. Stem cell therapy actually treats the aging process, rolling back the accumulated years by replacing old and damaged cells with fresh new ones. In ancient mythology, the daisy symbolized rebirth and renewal. It still does today in Greenville, South Carolina, at Daisy Institute. 


Is stem cell therapy good for skin?

Yes, stem cell therapy can be very good for aging skin. Stem cells enhance your body’s own regenerative processes to reclaim your youth from the intractable talons of age. 


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