Stem Cells for Elbow Injury

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Stem Cells for Elbow Injuries

The elbow is a true crossroad. It is an intersection of bones, ligaments, muscles, and connective tissue. Maneuvering the difficulties of an elbow injury can be a daunting task for surgeons and patients alike. The delicate balance of the elbow’s inner working can easily be disrupted by one false move, leading to further distress and recuperation.

Stem Cells Are a Comprehensive Treatment for the Complexities of Elbow Injury

Imagine if there were a way to administer a treatment that allowed variation and differentiation within the joint, delivering healing power to a multitude of different tissue types simultaneously.

There is no need to imagine. The future is here.

Dr. Haasis is the maestro of stem cell research and application. A molecular biologist by training, Dr. Haasis finds the most vibrant possibilities lingering in the revolutionary field of integrative medicine. Simply put: integrative medicine utilizes the body’s own abilities to regenerate cells and amplify healing. The building block of any biological endeavor resides in the cells. Stem cells, in particular, have the unique capacity to evolve into specialized structures. Specialization is the key to recuperation, so if you struggle with elbow pain, get cellular with Dr. Haasis

About Stem Cell Therapy

When most people hear the term “stem cells,” they immediately picture a fetus developing in the womb. In fact, fetal health can teach us quite a bit about resilience and regeneration. Mesenchymal stem cells in embryos have the ability to flourish into bone and/or cartilage cells.[1] Fast forward to adulthood, during which stem cells also have a special association with joint health. The mesenchymal cells found in bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissue are unspecified. By guiding a person’s stem cells to become reparative bone or cartilage cells, Dr. Haasis can essentially tutor a patient’s body to heal itself.

Tennis Elbow Treatment

The scientific phrase for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. It affects an estimated 1-3% of the population in a given year, and it is an inflammatory condition that can cause great pain in those who suffer from tennis elbow. Incidentally, one does not need to have played tennis to become afflicted with “tennis elbow,” but they will love-love Dr. Haasis’ ability to address their pain. 

By gently taking a sample of a patient’s bone marrow aspirate (BMA), Dr. Haasis can isolate the stem cells necessary to achieve lasting relief from elbow pain.[2]

The bone marrow sample is placed in a centrifuge and spun at 2,000 revolutions per minute for approximately 20 minutes. The resulting serum is rich with both stem cells and platelet-rich plasma (PRP). When the BMA is injected at the site of elbow pain, it conducts a flurry of healing activities. The PRP conducts intercellular communication, directing injured cells to accelerate their healing process. Meanwhile, the stem cells from the bone marrow sample bind to bone and cartilage within the elbow region. Stem cells are undifferentiated, so they can develop into a variety of specialized structures. In the case of elbow treatment, your body’s own stem cells can form new bone and cartilage cells to patch injuries and promote a better tomorrow.

Benefits of Stem Cells for Elbow Injury

Surgery is invasive. Every surgical procedure requires extensive preparation and ample downtime. The operation itself creates new incisions that must heal, added atop the existing injuries a patient is already experiencing.

By sidestepping the need for surgery, stem cell therapy offers a minimally-invasive solution to persistent pain. Stem cells are harvested from your own body, so there is no risk of rejection or infection from foreign sources. These cells are not toxic like medications may be. Instead, they offer the most natural healing properties possible. After all, stem cells represent you in a nutshell.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

  • Collected from your own biological material
  • No need for harmful chemicals or addictive medications
  • Minimally invasive
  • Maximum possibilities

To experience the benefits of stem cell treatment for your elbow injury, contact Dr. Haasis at the Daisy Institute. He named his clinic after daisies because they symbolize purity and innocence. Nothing is more pure than your own holistic healing process. And what could be more innocent than an undifferentiated stem cell, just waiting to blossom with strength and support? 

Eligible Candidates

If you struggle with elbow pain and wish to explore the vibrant potential of stem cell therapy, then you could be a great candidate for Dr. Haasis’ innovative treatment. Eligible patients should be in good health and have enough viable stem cells in their bone marrow and/or fat tissue to contribute to the procedure.

Dr. Haasis can determine your candidacy for stem cell therapy during your comprehensive consultation.

Private Elbow Injury Consultation in Greenville, South Carolina

You have suffered from tennis elbow long enough. It is time you had someone on your side of the net. Dr. Haasis is a champion when it comes to alleviating tennis elbow and other joint pain. Tell him where it hurts and he can help strategize a plan to treat your discomfort.

Be ready to share your medical history and future goals. Dr. Haasis can assess your overall health, paying particular attention to your elbow injury. Based on his findings, the doctor will determine if stem cell therapy is right for you. 

Preparation and Procedure

During your individual consultation, Dr. Haasis and his associates will provide you with detailed instructions to prepare you for stem cell therapy. The procedure entails two distinct phases: harvesting and reinjection. Your preparation directions will cover both processes and are tailored to your anatomy. Please follow Dr. Haasis’ advice closely.

You will receive the proper local anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Your stem cells are generally collected from bone marrow, but may also be found in adipose tissue in fat deposits throughout your body. Dr. Haasis will explain each step of the procedure to familiarize you with what is happening along the way. After all, this is your wellness journey; Dr. Haasis is merely your skilled, caring co-pilot. 

Healthy Recovery

You will experience minor redness and swelling in the injection site(s), but this is natural and normal. Please avoid strenuous activity for the first week following stem cell therapy, particularly movements that put undue stress on the elbow.

Stem cells require time to do their job. Allow 6-8 weeks for injected stem cells to fully evolve into the specialized structures they will become. 

Amazing Results

Healthcare is a complicated process, but there is ultimately a bottom line: do you feel better? Dr. Haasis prioritizes your safety and satisfaction above all else. The success rate for stem cell treatment of elbow pain is remarkable. In one study of 28 patients, the participants were asked to rank their pain before and after receiving stem cell injections. Prior to the treatment, their average pain was a 7.8 out of 10. After treatment, that number plummeted to only 2.3.[3] 

To reduce your discomfort and harness the healing power lingering in your stem cells, please contact Dr. Haasis. Your wellness is calling – answer it!

Complementary Procedures 

The human body is a fascinating system of constant regeneration. Cells are replenished daily, but they may need a boost when an injury occurs. To address a painful elbow, Dr. Haasis takes a holistic approach. Stem cells offer vital regenerative capabilities, but their journey into differentiation may need some help from platelet-rich plasma (PRP). The platelets in your blood form a healing mesh every time the skin is broken. The round shape of platelets help your blood clot, but they can also cradle the site of an injury and facilitate its healing. When PRP works in conjunction with stem cell therapy, your internal communication thrives. Stem cells are able to flourish into specialized bone, vascular, or ligament cells to meet the demands of a recuperating joint.

To learn how a combination of PRP and stem cell treatment can benefit you, please contact Dr. Haasis.


How much does stem cell therapy cost in South Carolina?

The stem cell therapy process is contoured to each individual patient. Some may only require one injection while others might need to return for follow-up visits. Dr. Haasis will provide you with transparent pricing at every step in the process. You deserve to best care for your elbow pain, and Dr. Haasis will provide it at the right cost. 

Does stem cell treatment work for tennis elbow?

Yes, stem cells have proven wonderfully effective in treating tennis elbow, known clinically as lateral epicondylitis. Bone marrow aspirate (BMA) is collected from the patient and purified in a centrifuge. The platelets in the sample facilitate cellular communication while the stem cells in BMA evolve into new bone and cartilage structures. To experience the healing power of stem cells in regards to your tennis elbow, contact Dr. Haasis at your earliest convenience. 


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