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Professional services are customized to suit each individual's needs and concerns while aligning seamlessly with each client's schedule.
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There is a simple solution to pain: stem cell therapy. Until now, patients could only choose between a lifetime of pain management or rolling the dice with risky surgery. The next generation of medicine unlocks the limitless potential of stem cells to regenerate damaged tissue in the knee, back, shoulder, and elbow joints.
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"I found Dr. Haasis to be very courteous, professional, he listened well to my concerns & he asked about issues other pain management doctors had never addressed."
"I admire Dr. Haasis in his patient’s care by using pharmaceutical therapy along with innovative alternatives. His experience in both pain management and anesthesiology is impressive."
"I have been seeing Dr. Hassis for almost 2 years and he has helped me immensely. He’s very professional yet personable and very caring and always is on top of his game a wonderful doctor."
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